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TeleTherapy Services

I have provided TeleTherapy services to existing clients for the numerous years, often related to travel, or other times a client was unable to attend in person. I provide services exclusively via  HIPPAA-compliant vendors, either HIPPAA-compliant Zoom, or Google Conferencing (with a Business Associate's Agreement). Your privacy is of utmost importance, so I follow the guidelines from the American Psychological Association for providing safe and effective TeleTherapy services.

Before beginning TeleTherapy, I have all clients sign a specific TeleTherapy consent form, which outlines specific guidelines to create an optimal TeleTherapy experience. My existing clients have  found TeleTherapy to be comfortable, comforting, and effective during the pandemic. As the SB County Psychological Association's CoVidTask Force leader, I have helped scores of other Psychologists transition to TeleTherapy Services.

I plan to continue providing TeleTherapy into the future. Insurance companies that I work with continue to support reimbursement of TeleTherapy services, and I have been involved with both the American Psychological Association and the California Psychological Associations efforts to expand the length of TeleTherapy through continuation of the CARES Act.

Please CONTACT ME, if you have any questions about TeleTherapy

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